The ever-outspoken rocker Kid Rock is not just embarrassed to be a member of the Republican Party, he is “f***ing embarrassed” to be a member of the Republican Party. There. Now you know.

The Michigan-native who just announced a $20/ticket music tour is a bit perturbed. In fact, despite his ties to the Republican Party, he has made it known his thoughts on wealth and distribution of goods when it comes to others as well as the less fortunate. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, he pointed out some inconsistencies he feels exists when it comes to salaries of the rich and famous: “Athletes and musicians make astronomical amounts of money,” he tells Rolling Stone. “People get paid $100 million to throw a baseball! Shouldn’t we all take less and pass some of that money onto others? Think about firefighters, teachers and policemen. We should celebrate people that are intellectually smart and trying to make this world a better place.”

So in an effort to “practice what he preaches”, Rock rocked down the price of a ticket to see him perform to $20. That’s right folks, if he has his say then Kid Rock’s upcoming summer tour with ZZ Top and Uncle Kracker will only set you back $20, no matter where you sit for the show. “I’ve been meeting with Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino for years, trying to figure out how to fix the concert industry,” he stated to Rolling Stone. “We’re all so overpaid. It’s ridiculous. People stopped going to concerts because they can’t afford them. The Rolling Stones are charging $650 per ticket! That just makes me speechless. I love the Stones, but I won’t be attending.”

While you may be happy about only having to pay $20 to see Kid Rock, it seems as if many politicians want to rock the price up higher. Needless to say, Kid Rock had something to say about that. With ticketing fees and other fees that exist in various states, Rock blames the Republican Party for the road blocks he is experiencing in attempting to keep the cost down for the live tour:

“That’s one of the times I’m f–king embarrassed to be a Republican,” Rock said. “It’s f–king Republican lawmakers passing those laws, you dumba**es. They already did it in New York and they’re trying to do it in Michigan. I’ve even called some of those guys to try and stop it.”

Kid Rock did not stop at Republicans in terms of being combative when it came to the price of his tickets: “They’re taking a f–king five-dollar service charge,” he said of concert retailers. “It’s 25 percent of the f–king ticket! That’s f–ked up, but I’ve beaten them up as much as I can. Then Walmart stepped in and agreed to charge just $20, and it includes parking.”

With the recent turn of events and roadblocks he has experienced, “the Rock man” has changed his political tune. Rock says he is now a person who has more of a Libertarian view on politics and “isn’t in bed with anybody” when it comes to politics.

That’s good to know because chances are if Kid Rock gets mad, he may kick you out of that bed…

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Cicely C. Mitchell, MEGA 101/ Houston


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