Tormenta Invernal: Escuelas Cerradas
(Photo by Warrick Page/ Getty Images)

(Photo by Warrick Page/ Getty Images)

A small bar in Brooklyn, N.Y. is causing some controversy after is posted a list on list chalkboard- full of grammatical mistakes- of why beer is better than a woman.

No comments from Draft Bran have been posted on social media yet as to why the list was made. Any women offended by the list?

Here is the list:

1. Beer is always wet

2. Frigit [sic] beer is good beer

3. Beer never gets headache

4. Beer always goes down easily

5. You can share beer with your friends

6. You don’t have to wine and dine beer

7. You can enjoy beer everyday of the month

8. You always know you are the first one to pop a beer

9. You don’t have to wash beer before it tastes good

10. You can have more than one beer and not feel guilty

11. Beer doesn’t get jealous when you grab another beer

12. If you pour beer right now you’ll always get a good head

This cool bar explains “why beer is better than woman [sic]”

— Jezebel (@Jezebel) September 6, 2013


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