Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Oh no! You just realized tomorrow is Valentine’s date. You don’t want to be in the doghouse, you call your favorite restaurant trying to make a reservation for tomorrow night only to find out they are completely booked-why wouldn’t they be…TOMORROW IS VALENTINE’S DAY… so what do you do?

Either you confess to your sweetheart that you totally forget about the day that you are suppose to show them just how much you love them, you run to the florist and buy the ugliest bouquet of flowers-cause of course those are the only ones left-  or you try one of our romantic, inexpensive and totally last minute date ideas:

1.Set your alarm clock and hour early for tomorrow, get up and make your sweetheart their favorite breakfast (if you can, make it in the shape of a heart) and bring it to them in bed.

2.If you can’t get up earlier than usual, how about you make sure you get home just a tad bit early and set up for a romantic “spa treatment”. Picture this- lights dimmed candles around the tub, a bubble bath ready to go, and the bed set up for a message, oils, lotion all ready to go. Your “baby” is going to love it.

3.How does a romantic picnic outside sound? Pack some cheese, crackers, fruit, a bottle of wine, a blanket and spend some romantic time together under the stars. Guys, want to make it even more special…talk about your feelings, she will love that.

4.If you are a bit creative, make them a special video. Maybe get together some of your favorite pictures of you two together, put your favorite song in the background and voilà an instant super romantic gift. To make it even better… make it a “movie night”, get some popcorn, some wine and sit in the couch all cuddled up watching and reminiscing.

5.Prepare a super romantic dinner that both of you can cook together. Trust us, this is super romantic and it can be so much fun. Someone around the office suggested a heart shaped pizza.

6. Take a dancing class together… maybe some hot like salsa or tango.


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