By Dorian F. Valenzuela

Nuestra sociedad ha generado una idea de que la belleza va de la mano con estar delgada o ser musculoso. Sin embargo, no todas las personas están dispuestas a alinearse con los estereotipos que se han implementado con el paso del tiempo.

Marciel Hopkins, de 23 años de edad, es una modelo que decidio subir de peso con el propósito de demostrarle al mundo que una mujer puede comer las cosas que le gustan, no estar delgada como en la mayoría de las revistas, y aun lucir sensualmente espectacular.

Aqui sus fotos:

You are probably beating yourself up at the moment for picking up weight during the holidays. I don't weigh myself, but I can definitely feel my jeans being tighter than what they usually are 🍗🍹😉 In some moments my mind still wants to go back to a place of being my own biggest enemy. I was criticizing my body for not being "small and cellulite-free" enough for so many years of my life during high school, university and my whole Miss South Africa journey. I was looking in a mirror every day, seeing the progress I have made, but not being satisfied with myself or my body. After losing the 14kg for Miss South Africa and following a super disciplined lifestyle for a whole year, it took me 2 full years to recover from my food and exersize obsessions to be where I am today. It was by NO means easy to go back to my natural curvy body after the pageant! With it came shame, embarrassment and self-judgement, because it felt like I let so many people down (including myself) by picking up weight. WHY was I so hard on myself? All that my body deserved was LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE! She made it through hell and high water and came out healthy on the other side. She deserves a flippin round of applause!! So if you are beating yourself up at the momeny about extra holiday weight, please stop it immediately!! You do NOT have to be perfect to deserve love and respect from yourself. You are worthy either way, with or without the extra 5kg. Self-hate and crazy diet restrictions will definitely NOT bring you any peace of mind in 2018. Start focusing on what is healthy for your body and soul and do more of what makes you feel GOOD about yourself. Health and happiness first, always! Love and light, may 2018 exceed all your wildest expectations 🎊🙌❤😙 #healthnotsize #bodypositive #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #peaceofmind #dietculture #bodyissues #shame #bopo #nowrongwaytohaveabody #effyourbeautystandards #beautybeyondsize

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This post honours both of my bodies for being worthy and strong. This post celebrates my prerogative to have different body shapes throughout my entire life. The one body is not better than the other, it was just suited for a certain time of my life. I put my body under enormous strain to rock that little red dress, but my lifestyle was not maintainable in the long run. I tried my very best to keep the weight down, but in the end my body kept fighting back. She wanted her natural curves back; she wanted to be a full and rounded figure again. I know we all look back at pictures earlier in our life thinking: "If only I can look like that again." We expect of others to stop body shaming, but we are doing a pretty good job at body shaming ourselves. STOP it right now! There is NO wrong way to have a body. Sadness does not go away when the weight does. You need to love yourself first, today and every day, no matter your current shape or size. Self love and body acceptance is the way forward and I will PREACH it every day of my life if needed. Chin up my beauties, a body is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Instead, it should be celebrated every hour of every day! 🙌❤😙 #healthnotsize #inshapemyshape #bodypositive #bopo #bodyshaming #selflove #selfworth #bodyacceptance #bodycelebration #influencer #bodytransformation #effyourbeautystandards #socialmedia #nowrongwaytohaveabody #iamallwoman #beautybeyondsize

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Poor cellulite: She's so underrated and never to be seen on social media or in magazines. But lets be honest, she's very much real and present behind the scenes. I remember not wanting to go to athletics practice in high school, because I was too insecure about my cellulite. Please, please don't give this girl so much power over you! She's actually pretty innocent and normal. Of all the things  you're beating yourself up about already (probably for no reason), cellulite should be last on your list, or not on it at all! There's nothing you can change about it, so let the dimples be. You will only waste time, money and valuable energy trying to fight her. Rather take the girl for a walk after sitting on her all day long. Poor cellulite! Photo: @janaengelbrechtphoto #cellulite #underrated #dimples #bodycelebration #bodypositive #bopo #healthnotsize #beautybeyondsize #inshapemyshape #curvemodel #realstuff #studio #lingerie #blackandwhite #bebodyaware #iamallwoman

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Para mi ella luce espectacular, sin duda alguna.



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